Vatom Wallet

The Vatom Wallet allows you to securely manage your Vatom inventory in one place, accessible from your mobile phone, PC, tablet and even your smart TV.
Web App

Search for, grab and scan Vatoms on a map in AR, VR and IRL

Share objects with friends, fans and customers

Redeem your Vatom rewards and promotions

Store keepsake objects and collectibles

What is a vatom

Vatoms are dynamic digital objects, that connect brands and customers, artists and fans citizens and governments, friends, families and global gamers.

They are smart digital goods that can move seamlessly and instantly between users and across devices.

Vatoms are the new standard for digital objects and have the ability to transform industries and become the foundation of the emerging digital goods economy.

The Global
Digital Goods Economy

Forget boring coupons. Give your customers real value with engaging experiences they can share with their friends. Share a drink with friends and watch your glass fill up in real time. Add custom triggers… if you stop engaging, your drink gets warmer and could lose it’s value. Everything is automatically saved to their personal wallet.


What vatoms do

The future of human engagement

About Vatom INC

Vatom Inc’s mission is to connect humanity through networked digital objects of value or “Vatoms.” Vatoms are a new asset class: scarce interactive digital goods that can be collected, traded, combined and redeemed for tangible material. They move easily between users and are network-aware, providing a new communication platform that will change how we interact with each other and with our surrounding environment. Vatoms are the next step in the evolution of human engagement and will power the emerging digital goods economy.