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12th April 2022 in

Vatom Platform Updates

Hi, I’m Shelby and I’m a Senior Product Manager at Vatom.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be seeing my name come up from time to time as I share with you exciting news about our various products and new projects.

 At Vatom, we have been working hard to create and improve our products so that companies and individuals like you, can easily engage with the emerging Web3 world. Through our Vatom platform, you can build and launch your own place in the Metaverse.

Look no further than Vatom to get started creating your own Smart NFTs using the Studio Creator tool or buying and selling your NFTs in the Vatom Market, where users can take those same Smart NFTS and use them in their very own customized Spaces.


Spaces: NFT Gallery Template & Plugin

Create NFT galleries with our new contemporary “Art Gallery” design template.

The Art Gallery design template ships with the latest “NFT Gallery Plug-In.” The plug-in allows you to create an NFT gallery directly from the contents of your NFT wallet and the NFTs that are available on the Vatom Market for purchase. This means, you can drop your own NFTs in a gallery to show your friends or create and design your very own gallery with NFTs that are still for sale to market your NFTs for sale or a collection of your favorites to market to friends.



You do not have to be a 3D modeler to create a gallery. Just drag n’ drop your Vatom Smart NFTs into fully customizable placeholder frames and Voila! A fully integrated Vatom Market means the gallery visitors can click and get details like NFT name, description, and market price. Plus, they can click through to shop right then and there.

We are calling out to all the creators and developers to create their gallery space designs for use with the “NFT Gallery plug-in.”

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Vatom Market: Fully Integrated

The Vatom Market is now fully integrated with the rest of the Vatom ecosystem. Easily create Smart NFTs in Studio, the NFT creator tool, and sell them directly in the Vatom Market. Purchase valuable Smart NFTs to use in your Virtual Space or to interact with, in your Vatom Wallet.


It doesn’t stop there… NFT owners can now display their Smart NFTs in their favorite NFT gallery Space to show off to their friends or they can “drop” their NFTs in a Virtual Space for others to find and “pick up”. If you want, you can even “drop” your NFTs on the map for friends to discover or drop in real life using AR, so your friends can play and collect using the Vatom Wallet.

Finally, NFT owners can resell their NFTs in the Vatom Market and earn profit for highly valuable items. Potential buyers can view the lifetime of the NFT and speculate its value based on its transparent provenance.

The Vatom Market is not just another NFT Marketplace. The Vatom Market is a place for creators to create NFTs that can actually be used rather than just stored and forgotten.

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Spaces: Presentation Zones – Social Audio for the Metaverse

Presentation Zones allow you to run panels, presentations & vibe sessions. It brings the best of social audio into the metaverse. Pass microphones, or enter a Q&A queue.

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Partner Pages: Become a Vatom Partner and list your NFTs in a customized storefront. Customizing your storefront will get your business more views and attract more buyers. Becoming a partner is easy, send us a message to get started.

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In the last month, Spaces has undergone some helpful improvements that you are sure to enjoy. In addition to the improvements below, we have some great surprises in store for next month. 

· Vertical Avatars (with transparency!): Now you can see you and your friend’s avatars upright in vertical form while moving around in your space. In addition, you can now add an avatar with a transparent background to look more 3d.

· Analytics dashboard added to help menu: The time is here when you can view all the data around your Space including visits count, attendee count, the timing of visits, visitors, etc. Check it out today.

· Replace objects via URL or local file: Replacing objects just got easier. Simply upload your file via URL or locally to see it in your space.

· Visualized vocal distance (hover over avatar): Hover over your avatar and see how far your voice will travel so you never have to guess if your friends can hear you.

· New chat system: Now, this chat system will span over all of our modules and all of your spaces. Talk to your friends from any space at any time. This chat system is much more stable and will make chatting a breeze.

These are just a few highlights. Be sure to check out the entire list if you are interested below. In the meantime, we are zooming through exciting new features this month with MANY EXCITING UPDATES to come at the end of this month. Thank you!

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Thank you,

Shelby and the Vatom Product Team