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21st June 2021 in

Cannes Lions, the Most Prestigious Creativity Awards Show Chooses Vatom SpatialWeb as Virtual Platform for 2021 Festival

…and why over ten thousand people will experience the next best thing to being in Cannes


LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, at the 2021 Cannes Lions Festival, over ten thousand advertising and creative professionals representing some of the world’s best known brands will gather in a web-based environment for the first time in history. This event is a giant step in the evolution of the World Wide Web brought by Vatom’s SpatialWeb — the industry’s most advanced and customizable web-based NFT metaverse.

The Cannes Lions Festival is the premiere gathering of its type, bringing together the highest level executives and creative leaders from the top brands, advertising agencies, marketing and media companies. In this year’s gathering, top sponsors– including Amazon, P&G, Nielsen and others– will explore and meet each other in virtual pavilions and view speakers in simulcast on performance stages on Vatom’s Platform. Together, they will welcome the largest confluence of individuals ever assembled in one spatial website.

In early 2015, Eric Pulier, proposed and lead the creation of the first NFT (called a “Virtual Atom” or “Vatom”). Today the Vatom, powered by the token VEE, is the most widely deployed NFT among Fortune 500 companies, and the only experiential NFT platform in the industry. There are over 30 million Vatom NFTs in circulation to over 2 million NFT wallets.

“We are stunned and humbled by the overwhelming response,” said Eric Pulier, founder and CEO of Vatom. “The Vatom Platform is emerging as the basis of the next generation of human engagement, combining blockchain digital objects with expansive, customizable social spaces. This new way of connecting and interacting allows brands and creators to activate, engage and monetize audiences like never before.”

Anyone with an iPhone, Android phone, laptop, tablet, or VR Headset, can enter and explore, shop, connect and play. Unlike virtual worlds that demand heavyweight hardware, head mounted displays, or proprietary downloads and installs, Vatom’s SpatialWeb is built to widely democratize access to an emerging NFT Metaverse.

“I was overwhelmed by what I experienced today,” said Michael Beneville, Chief Creative Officer of Vatom, Inc. “As I roamed about the massive virtual crowd in Cannes Lions 2021, I was struck by how many brands and industry leaders were inspired by the staggering implications of the emerging NFT Metaverse. The ideas were flowing like mad about new ways to delight consumers, build long term customer relationships, and create new revenue streams.”

The Cannes Lions Virtual Experience that launched today marks a series of unprecedented “firsts” that promise to change the face of online communication:

  1. SCALABILITY: Metaverse platforms today have been relegated to sharding parallel spaces when each becomes full at about a hundred or so people. Today’s SpatialWeb announcement heralds the arrival of a single space accommodating thousands of people, each with complete agency and freedom to explore at once. The SpatialWeb architecture is already several orders of magnitude more scalable than other entrants, with an architecture that will allow an unlimited number of simultaneous participants.

  2. NO-CLICK BUYING: Transforms eCommerce to a social sport, dramatically changing the landscape of experiential shopping.

  3. RECURSIVE MICRO-ECONOMIES: revolutionary capability to enable every buyer to become a seller and every seller a buyer in real-time, seamlessly across augmented and virtual reality, resulting in unprecedented economic velocity.

  4. NFT GALLERIES WITH LIVE AUCTIONS: say goodbye to boring flat web pages with bidding forms. Vatom’s human-powered auction houses reinvent communal commerce online and off.

  5. SELF-SERVICE TOOLS: from the most non-technical consumer, to sophisticated agencies running complex global campaigns across millions of users, Vatom Studio is the only battle-tested tool for experiential NFT Metaverse experiences at scale.

  6. MARKETPLACES: going beyond simple NFT speculation, the Vatom Marketplaces are designed to empower developers and creators to extend the platform itself and generate revenue from templates, scripts and objects.

  7. DECENTRALIZED AUTONOMOUS LIFE FORMS: Artificial intelligence meets blockchain. Today’s demonstration of “living” NFTs changes the way we perceive the nature of reality. At today’s Cannes Lions, you can’t unsee the world’s first “organic” dog on blockchain and the scripting language (called “interscripted) that enables developers to create NFTs that change state based on internal “brains”, interactions with other NFTs, and real-time reactions to real world events such as sports scores or weather. Imagine a world of independently existing life forms, born of imagination and manifesting as self-directed beings across a persistent extension of our world across AR & VR.

About Vatom Inc.
Vatom’s mission is to bring humanity together online. The Vatom NFT Platform evolves the web into a massively scalable social experience with dynamic blockchain-based digital objects. The result is dramatically better online engagement across sectors, including marketing, education, health care, media, sports, music, commerce and government.

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