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17th January 2023 in

Eric Pulier & Nasdaq TradeTalks kick off their #Outlook2023 Series

Eric Pulier helped Nasdaq TradeTalks kick off their #Outlook2023 series with his Web3 predictions for the upcoming year. In 2023, we’re going to see:

A shift from speculation to substance. The hype surrounding crypto was just a blip on the radar. This year will further showcase Web3’s efficacy in driving real business outcomes. “With Web3 we’ve really come to the next step, and this is where the value comes in. The substance of Web3 is upon us in 2023.” – Eric Pulier

Web3 holdouts in the minority, as a growing number of Fortune 500 companies are adopting Web3 techniques like the universal wallet, NFTs for engagement, and the next generation of CRM. “They’re going to use these tools to actually engage their customers in dramatically more effective ways.” says Eric. Web3 will become part of the core communications strategy for everyone from healthcare, to government, to education and beyond as marketing, advertising, and loyalty collapse into one and bring the next generation of consumer engagement into the forefront.

The return of digital sovereignty. “2023 is the year of how data is managed, how people think of themselves as owning their own data.” says Eric. With new regulations and the death of cookies, gone are the days of your data being collected without your knowledge or permission. We’re going to see a new age where the consumer is going to be empowered to own their own data, and choose who they share it with.