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7th June 2022 in

New Plugin Dev Kit: Individuals Can Now Create Their Own Virtual Space Customizations (and sell them too!)

HI, it’s Shelby again wanted to share that as of today, developers and creators now have the opportunity to develop their very own plugins to use within Vatom Virtual Spaces. Before today, creators could use existing plugins provided by Vatom to customize their virtual spaces. Beginning today, developers have the ability to build and sell their own plugins using our new Plugin Developer Kit.

What does this mean for me?

  1. Vatom Spaces just got that much better:

    With access to our new Plugin Developer Kit, developers will be creating hundreds of plugins that you and your teams can install to use in your spaces. This means that the possibilities are endless for customization, new functionality, and creativity.

  2. Functionality created to your liking:

    Maybe your business or group is throwing an event, looking to improve your virtual working space, or just looking to do things differently. Instead of waiting on feature requests from us, work with your own developer to make changes at your own pace. The power is now in your hands.

  3. Access and manage your plugins from the new plugins side menu or shop directly from the Vatom Market:

    Now, your plugins can be managed from our brand new plugins side menu which is accessed in the same way as before. If you are an administrator of your business, as well as an admin of your space, you will see the Plugins option in the top toolbar of your space. Just select Plugins to get started managing your current plugins under the My Plugins tab or Plugin Market to shop for new ones.

Alternatively, you can shop for Plugins from the Plugin Market where you can learn about the plugin capabilities and configuration instructions in full.

How to Shop for Plugins From The Vatom Market

Step One:

Step Two:


Step Three:

Simply, select the Add to Space button. Go to your virtual Space URL & access the Plugins menu in the toolbar. The Plugin that you purchased will be located under the Purchased tab.

Step Four:

Step Five:

Select Install and get started using your new plugin!

Learn more about purchasing and installing plugins

What does this mean for me as a Developer?

  1. Make money selling plugins on the Vatom Market

    One of the benefits of creating plugins for the Vatom Market is our Partner Network. We are proud to serve some of the world’s most successful brands and companies to help them create, own, promote and sell within their own metaverse solutions. These companies are all moving to the metaverse to extend their businesses in Web3. We are here to support that. The Plugins are available on our main Vatom Market site but are also integrated into each space for purchase.

  2. Gain experience developing plugins for the Metaverse and Web3

    As we all know, Web3 has been promised to be a game-changer in the evolution of the internet. It is envisioned to be a decentralized, more secure, and open internet. If you are looking to break into the Web3 world and gain industry experience, creating plugins for the world’s top brands will give you the recognition to take your skills to the next level. The demand for developers is high in this industry and there are immense opportunities available for developers to excel.

  3. Join a community of developers

    As the Web3 world grows, we have come to learn the importance of a community to connect and learn about the Web3 ecosystem together. We have a variety of very talented developers located all around the world who are part of the Vatom team. This team of developers, product managers, tech leaders, and super users are joined together to serve our community of developers and creators. Whenever you have a question, need help working through an issue, or have feedback, we are here to help and listen. Collaboration is key to creating a future in Web3.

  4. Create your optimal world

    Developers now have the power to create whatever they want in Virtual Spaces. Create 3D games, accessibility features, communication tools, media, and industry-specific tools for retail, eCommerce, events, travel, education, or social media.

    Create them for your own personal use, create them for businesses or create them for profit! Either way we’re here to help you.

The Plugin Developer Kit tools are now available globally at:

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