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19th September 2022 in

Vatom Partners with Komodo Technologies to Launch New Recording Capabilities for Web3 Experiences

Today we announced that the very 1st third-party company has built a plug-in on our platform and is selling it on our Marketplace. Why does this matter? This is the first example of a Web3 platform that can enable third parties to build their own solutions and sell them directly to other companies. Want to build a Web3 company? Build it on the Vatom platform!

New Plug-In Expands Accessibility to and Engagement with Web3 Virtual Spaces and Events

VENICE, Calif.Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vatom, the leading, feature-complete Web3 platform, today announced the launch of new Web3 recording capabilities through its strategic partnership with Komodo Technologies, an innovator in asynchronous recording technology.

As Vatom’s first official commercial plug-in partner, Komodo created technology that enables any company or brand hosting an event or meeting in Vatom’s virtual spaces to easily record and share all interactions taking place. This new plug-in is easily integrated into any virtual space, creating new opportunities for knowledge sharing and audience engagement, as recordings can be easily disseminated via a web link and accessed outside the Web3 experience.

“The collaboration between Vatom and Komodo has been impactful, and we are excited to continue working together to advance the functionality and increase the ease of use of Web3 tools,” said Eric Pulier, CEO of Vatom. “Komodo has used our Plug-in Developer Kit to build something new that fills a need in Web3 experiences, illuminating the limitless and innovative potential of our platform and Web3.”

The new plug-in builds upon Komodo’s industry-leading screencasting technologies, extending the powerful communication mechanism into virtual spaces. Leveraging this plug-in, brands and companies can be better equipped to engage employees and customers in Web3 virtual spaces, regardless of time zones, availability, or flexible work arrangements. From using the plug-in to share meetings hosted in a Vatom virtual space with employees across the world, to capturing a brand’s Web3 activation for excited consumers unable to attend, this newfound partnership enables greater efficiencies in Web3-based events while supporting knowledge sharing and audience engagement.

“Vatom is an innovative Web3 platform and we are excited to unite Komodo cloud recording technology to record events at scale,” said Khanan Grauer, Komodo Technologies CEO. “In a time when virtual events and hybrid working structures necessitate new approaches to communicating and engaging, we are confident that this plug-in, and our continued collaboration with Vatom, will uncover new ways to generate business value and human connection through Web3.”

The plug-in will be available on Vatom’s Developer Marketplace, and its launch underscores the opportunity for developers to embrace and enhance the capabilities of Web3 tools. Not only does the plug-in provide companies and brands with sought-after, easy-to-implement functionality, but it also creates new sources of revenue for developers and partners.

“Komodo is a great example of not only the bold and people-centric development driving forth Web3, but also the financial and business opportunities intrinsic in Web3 development,” said Eric Pulier. “Our industry is being defined by developers like Komodo and it’s a privilege to provide them the platform, tools, and partnership necessary to bring forth new technologies. We encourage other developers to follow their lead and explore what they can build on our Developer Platform.”

To see the power of the Vatom/Komodo collaboration and explore Vatom’s Developer Platform, please visit

About Vatom: Founded in 2015 by Eric Pulier, Vatom is a feature-complete platform that enables easy-to-use Web3 experiences. Spearheaded by seasoned industry veterans who have run successful technology organizations, and working with some of the largest brands (such as State Farm & Paramount), the team behind Vatom seek to build the first simple-to-use, open, plug-in architecture that can enable anyone to create their own Web3 solutions.

About Komodo Technologies: Founded in 2019 by Khanan Grauer, a seasoned technology executive with deep ties to ed-tech, Komodo was born to provide organizations and individuals with an easy and innovative way to capture and distribute content via asynchronous recording technology. Komodo Technologies’ platform took off and was pivotal to professionals and educators to disseminate crucial information promptly. Today, Komodo Technologies’ products serve world-class organizations by deep integration with existing organizational technology environments that ultimately empowers staff to operate efficiently in hybrid working environments.